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If institutional kitchens are your calling,
we’re your partner.


Perhaps you’re looking for labels, allergen management, or HACCP support for your institutional kitchen? Then we’re your perfect partner.

The biggest asset an institutional kitchen can have is quality. This is the result of a mix of artisanship, service and hygiene. Quality Guard therefore includes elements to help you strengthen all three aspects. The system monitors the quality of your recipes, the temperature of your chillers and your regular cleaning. We also provide you with legally compliant labels, automatic allergen and nutritional information, technical product sheets, etc. Our mission is to help you comply in full with the legislation, while going completely paperless.


Each time you scan a batch from your stock, the system automatically adds the batch number to all recipes that use this raw material. The system therefore has the production date, batch number, and expiry date of each raw material and can automatically calculate the shelf life of the recipe.

Allergens and nutritional values

You can use the recipe module to compile recipes with your own raw materials. Quality Guard pulls up the technical data for each of the raw materials (allergens, nutritional values, composition, etc.). This gives you a rapid, accurate analysis of the allergens and nutritional values of your own products.

Temperature recording

Monitor product temperatures with wireless temperature sensors in your deep freezes and chillers. If the temperature isn’t optimal, you’ll receive an automatic email or SMS alert.

Task management

Assign your staff regular tasks, linked to instructions . That way, you can work more efficiently and maintain an overview of everybody’s assigned tasks.

Online shop

Place orders for raw materials with an individual code. You can inform your employees immediately about which raw materials need to be ordered.

Print labels and product information sheets

Print labels for all packaging formats at the touch of a button. Use the label printer installed by Quality Guard, or export allergen information and nutritional values to your packing machines, scales or tills.

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Customer references

Didier L’homme

Didier L’homme

Sport Vlaanderen

“Sport Vlaanderen offers scientific, financial and practical support for professional athletes. We want to make it as easy as possible for our sporting talents to achieve their ambitions and follow their dreams. A balanced diet is one of the most important ways that professional athletes can look after themselves – and that's why we keep our kitchens in perfect order. Quality Guard understands our vision and is a fantastic support.”

Lander Van Den Heede

Lander Van Den Heede

Vlaamse Overheid

“The kitchens of the Government of Flanders are responsible for filling about 6,000 stomachs every day, all across Flanders. As a Government service, it’s essential that we set an example for hygiene and self-monitoring. We have extremely stringent rules in all our kitchens and regular checks. Until recently, we were taking two manual temperature measurements of each fridge. Now we’re using Quality Guard’s unique wireless logging system to monitor temperatures continuously. As soon as any fridge becomes too warm, the automated system immediately notifies the responsible person. Quite frankly, we could no longer manage without it!”

Christiane en Alain Doyen

Christiane en Alain Doyen

Residence Christalain

“We have a retirement home in central Brussels with around 250 residents. Naturally, we aim to serve them delicious, healthy food! Lots of our residents are on special diets or can't eat certain things. So it’s important that we know exactly which allergens are in which products – and that’s where Quality Guard is the perfect tool.”


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