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What is the Smiley, exactly?

The Belgian Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FAVV) enforces stringent laws regarding allergens, food safety and hygiene. The legislation is collected in the self-monitoring guide. Among other things, the FAVV requires every enterprise involved in the food industry to have a selfmonitoring system. The Smiley is a certificate confirming that your business uses a reliable selfmonitoring system. The certificate tells your customers that all the processes related to food safety have been carefully structured and are regularly reviewed. Self-monitoring means that you take responsibility for making sure that you comply with all relevant legislation.


Get your Smiley and start saving!

As a food-related business, you pay an annual contribution to the FAVV. The amount you pay depends on your sector, whether you are a B2B or B2C business, and the size of your workforce. Whatever you pay, once you’ve got your Smiley certificate, your annual contributions to the FAVV will reduce by 75%. That's more than it will cost you to get the certificate!

Another bonus: once you’ve got the Smiley, you will be subject to fewer unscheduled food safety audits. The FAVV assumes that Smiley-certified businesses are lower risk for food safety.

You can also use the Smiley certificate as part of your business’s “shop window”: visitors who see the certificate as they come in know instantly that hygiene takes top priority at your enterprise.

Fact: one third of the Smiley certificates awarded in Belgium were obtained with the help of Quality Guard.

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